Exciting news about two more books planned for the series... featuring some very intriguing new characters. 

The title for the third book has been released... "adders without ladders" and will see Jig and Saw venturing beyond the cupboard door into the jungle to solve another mystery!

Avocado Publishing have announced that the 3rd book in the popular children's picture book series will be released later in Spring 2016. Further updates will be announced as soon as the third title is uploaded to this site.... ISBN 978-0-9930144-0-6

​Meanwhile, a fourth book in the Jig & Saw series "devious dumb dinosaurs" featuring some meddlesome characters called "RAP & TOR" is currently being developed... with a release date being scheduled for later in 2016. Again, more updates will be announced on this page.


On this page you'll find information about an event happening near you... where you'll get to the chance to meet the characters during an organised author visit.

Jig & Saw creator

David Lawrence Jones

3rd & 4th BOOKS PLANNED!